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Claim management step-by-step
Claim management step-by-step
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When you have a disaster, the experience can be stressful.

This is why we are committed to explaining the management procedure to you in detail, so that you always know where you are and what the next steps will be.

📌 The different stages of managing your claim.

1) You report your claim from the application:

This is the first thing to do so that we can take care of your claim.

To do this, go to your personal space, from the Luko application (available on the Apple App Store and on the Android Play Store )

whole process is detailed here ✨

During your claim, you will be asked for damage video

You can find in this article our advice to make the best possible video, and in this one some ideas to help you if you have a problem with the video.

2) We acknowledge receipt of your declaration:

Once your claim has been declared, you will receive a first validation message, indicating your file number.

From then on, you can monitor the processing of your file, via your application or in your personal space.

3) You complete the file:

📩 When you have added your documents, your manager will examine them and send you:

  • A document validation email if all is well

  • Or an email asking for new documents, if something was wrong with the previous ones (it will tell you what the problem was)

We detail you in this article the procedure to add the documents to your file.

4) We process and validate the information provided:

📩 When you have completed your file, your manager will examine the information and documents, and send you:

  • A document validation email if all is well

  • Or an email asking for new documents, if something was wrong with the previous ones (it will tell you what the problem was)

You will be able to see in the follow-up of your claims if we need additional information or document to move your file forward.

5) Then, the procedure depends on the type of disaster:

We will detail the procedure in the articles below, depending on the guarantee concerned:

6) Expertise to estimate the damage:

For property damage (on your home), i l have to have an estimate made for the repair of the damaged parts, so that we estimate the cost of repairs.

☝️ Warning: You must send it to us so that your manager validates it before launching the jobs

Then, an expertise will have to be carried out to validate the estimate.

We explain everything about the types of expertise, how it works, in this article .

After that, the appointed expert must provide us with his report, so that we can use it to quantify the damage.

☝️ Note: depending on the periods and experts appointed, this step can sometimes take time. Unfortunately, until we receive the report, we cannot move your case forward.

Your manager is responsible for relaunching the expert if necessary, and will keep you informed as soon as we have the necessary documents.

7) We calculate the cost of your compensation:

There are two types of damage: furniture (on your belongings) and real estate (on your home).

For property damage:

You will have to return the document to us of losses completed.

Upon receipt of the latter and the supporting documents on the damaged goods (invoices, photos), your claims manager will process the file and validate the said documents.

These are the ones that will serve as the basis for calculating your compensation.

To find out more about how we calculate your compensation, you can consult this article .

For property damage:

Once the estimate (and the expertise, if necessary) has been validated, you can undertake the work, with a craftsman from our network or not.

  • If you choose a craftsman from the Luko network: no need to incur costs, you only pay the craftsman the amount of your franchise!

  • If you involve an outside craftsman: you will have to incur the costs and will be compensated (deductible) at the end of the work

8) We compensate you:

This is the end of your claims management:

When all the above steps are validated and your compensation calculated, we can pay you your compensation. It corresponds to the amount of quantified damages, franchise deduced. You just have to choose the reimbursement method, by clicking on the card in the follow-up of your claim.

☝️ Note: in the case of property damage, your compensation is paid on presentation of proof of work.

And ... that's it, your claim is now behind you 🥳

And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on the chat, or contact the manager in charge of your claim by email 😺

📚 Some articles that can help you in the event of a disaster:

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