To generate your offer, and see your price:

  • Enter your postal address in the "Where is your property located?" bar and click on "Get my price" .

  • Fill in all the information about your property

☝️ Don't worry, as long as you don't sign the contract, you are not committed to anything.

And if you ask us to cancel your insurance contract, we will not start any steps until you have signed the Luko contract (you will be asked for the necessary information after signing).

  • After the questions, you will arrive at the page of your offer

You will find in this article 📖 a presentation of our offer and the different ways to adapt it, to be covered as close as possible to your needs 👌

Your contribution is calculated according to several criteria so that it is as fair as possible: are you an owner or a tenant? Where is your home located? How big and how many rooms is it? On which floor? etc.

You only pay for the risk we have to cover: there are never any administration costs with Luko.

Subscribe to the contract :

  • To finalise your subscription, click on "I insure myself for €X/month", at the top right of the offer page (the button appears when you scroll down the page).

  • This will take you to the payment page, where you can pay your first two months' premium

☝️ Until you have signed your contract, the payment is not validated.

So, if you finally don't sign the contract right after, the subscription payment will appear on your account for a few days as a bank imprint, and then the imprint will disappear by itself.

➡️ This is the step that validates the contract subscription.

What happens next?

  • Once the contract is taken out, you will receive your insurance documents by email in a few minutes 📩

  • You will be able to manage your cover, your beneficiaries, and download your documents from your personal space.

  • And as we are non-binding, you can join us for only a few months: cancelling is as easy as subscribing 👌

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