Storm or natural disaster management
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Facing your first storm or natural disaster claim?

Don't worry, Luko is here to help you 🤝

How does it work?

  • 1) Apply the first measures by taking care to secure your home

For example: if tiles have been blown off the roof, consider tarping the area, or placing containers under the opening, to prevent further damage.

In case of a storm: Get a meteorological certificate attesting to winds of more than 100km/h on the day of the disaster.

You can find this by requesting it from Météo France or by visiting the website

In thecase of a natural disaster: we will need the natural disaster decree published in the official journal and filed by your municipality.

  • 3) Upon receipt of these documents, your claims manager will process the file and validate them.

  • 4) At the same time, you will need to have an estimate made for the restoration of the damaged parts. You will have to send it to us so that your claims handler can validate it.

If the cost of reconstruction is very high, an on-site or remote assessment (by videoconference) must be carried out to validate the estimate.

  • 5) Once the estimate has been validated by your manager, you can undertake the work, with a craftsman from our network or not.

If you choose a craftsman from the Luko network: there is no need to incur costs, you only pay the craftsman the amount of your franchise!

If you use an outside craftsman : you will have to incur the costs and will be compensated (deductible) when the work is completed

You know everything ✨

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