Handling a Theft and vandalism claim
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First things first

  • Contact the police and try to locate the burglars' entry point (doors, garage door, windows ...) ;

  • Take photos of the entry point and signs of break-in, and videos of any rooms in your home that has been searched by the intruders ;

  • If there has been a break-in : secure your home to prevent a new entry (by putting up temporary locks or closing on the windows) ;
    ☝️ If you are insured with Extended coverage, you can call our assistance service for help on this.

  • Go and file your complaint at the Police Station within 48 hours.
    We will need the report of the complaint ("Procès Verbal de dépôt de plainte") to handle your claim ;

  • Start making a list of the items that have been stolen or damaged, and gather supporting documents (such as purchase invoices).

Next : the management of the claim

  1. Open your claim on our app : we will send you a confirmation, and a list of documents you will need to provide ;

  2. After we receive your documents, your claim manager will validate them and calculate your damage compensation ;

  3. In some cases : an expert will assess the damage to validate the amount of the compensation ;
    This assessment can be either based on documents or via videoconference.

  4. Once the amount is validated, we transfer you your compensation : it corresponds to the amount necessary to repair the damages, minus your deductible.

In case of damage to your door or window :

Depending on the situation, the repairs may be covered by the tenant's insurance, the landlord's insurance or sometimes the building's insurance.

☝️ A special case : If you are a tenant, in case of vandalism, contact your landlord. It is up to him to take charge of the repair of the doors and windows.

👉 Otherwise, it is your claim manager who will confirm, after examining the situation, who should take charge of the repairs.

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