At Luko, you can add, change or remove beneficiaries from your policy in two minutes ✌️

💻 From a computer:

  1. Log in to your personal space

  2. In the left-hand menu, click on "Contract".

  3. Click on the relevant contract to access all the information about it

  4. Scroll down, you will find the "Beneficiaries" section

  5. Click on"Add a beneficiary".

  6. It's up to you! You can add your child, your spouse or your new roommate.

→ Once you have filled in this little bit of information, your contract will be updated and you will be able to download your beneficiary's certificate.

📱 From our app:

  1. Log in to the Luko app

  2. Go to the "Insurance"tab

  3. Click on the relevant contract: you will access all the information about it.

  4. In the menu, click on "Beneficiaries" .

  5. Click on the "+" at the bottom right of the screen

  6. A window will open: choose the type of beneficiary to add

  7. A new window will open: fill in the different fields, then click on "Add", top right

And that's it 👌

You will be able to download your new beneficiary's certificate immediately afterwards.

☝️ Please note:

  • When you insure your home with Luko, you can add up to 4 flatmates as beneficiaries at any time without a rate increase .

    For the 5th roommate, there will be a small increase in your monthly payment. But you can still add an extra housemate at any time from the Luko app.

  • To add an adult beneficiary (roommate or spouse), you must enter their email address. This must be different from that of the subscriber and the other beneficiaries.

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