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Handling a claim in Civil Liability and Defence and Recourse
Handling a claim in Civil Liability and Defence and Recourse
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Civil liability is the guarantee that covers you in the event that you inflict damage (bodily injury or material damage) on others.

In the event that you are the one who suffers the damage, it is the civil liability (or Defence of recourse) that will apply.

Please note: Third party liability can only be applied with a third party. Your family members, people who live with you and your pets are not considered third parties.

🙋‍♂️ First aid measures

  • Take the details of the third party: surname, first name, telephone, email address, name of their insurer, email address of their insurer

  • Encourage him to declare the loss to his insurer

  • Declare your Civil Liability claim

💻 Next: handling the claim

Here are some details on the procedure for handling a civil liability or defence claim and the steps you can expect:

  1. The person who suffers the damage makes a declaration to their insurance company and provides them with the information and documents needed to calculate the amount of compensation

  2. Whether you are the victim or the person responsible, you will have to declare the loss to us, giving us the circumstances and the details of the person involved.

  3. A Third Party Liability Questionnaire (or QRC) will be sent to you, which you should complete and return to us as soon as possible. (We explain how to complete this document here)

  4. It is upto the victim's insurance to make a claim against the insurer of the person responsible for the accident for the amount of the compensation.

  5. Once the recourse is complete, the insurer of the person responsible pays the victim's insurer the amount of the compensation. This amount is then paid to the policyholder who suffered the damage. In the majority of cases, subject to cover, the insured victim of the loss incurs costs upstream, which are then reimbursed to him.

☝️ Please note:

Whether it is a question of Civil Liability or Defence of Recourse, we must deal with the opposing insurer.

  • If you are responsible for the damage, we will have to wait for the other insurer to send us a claim.

  • If you are the victim of the damage, we will send a claim to the insurance company of the third party responsible, for the quantified amount, and await their reply.

Depending on the other insurer involved, this can sometimes take several weeks.

We will always keep you informed of the progress of your case as soon as we have new information.

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