Your Myluko space is where you can do everything and see everything about your contract.

After subscribing, you automatically access the page to create it 👌

And then, how to access it?

  • Check out our site

  • At the top right, next to the "Get my price" button, you will see the link "My personal space"

  • Click on it, you will access a new page that allows you to identify yourself

  • Enter the email address with which you have subscribed to your contract, and the password you have set

  • If you have forgotten your password, you just have to click "Forgot your password". We give you more details here 😉

  • Then click "Connect"

👉 You're there!

You can now view your documents, add or edit your beneficiaries, change your insurance plan, and much more✨

You can also manage your contract from Luko.

It is available on the Apple App Store and on the Play Store Android 📱

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