How are my valuables compensated?
In the event of a claim, it is important to know
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If you have valuables, it is necessary to declare them to us in a specific category.

Your valuables are covered by the following guarantees:

In the legal minimum contract:

  • Fire

  • Water damage

  • Storm, hail, snow

  • Natural disasters

  • Technological disasters

  • Attacks and acts of terrorism

Completed in the Spirit of Peace contract by:

  • Theft and vandalism

  • Breakage of glass

  • Electrical damage

The conditions of application and exclusions of these guarantees are the same as for your personal property.

In the event of a claim, how is your compensation calculated?

With our contracts for flats:

  • Goods less than 3 years old are compensated at purchase price, on presentation of the invoice.

  • For goods older than 3 years, which have been inherited, bought second-hand or if an equivalent cannot be obtained : the compensation value will be that of an object of the same nature on the second-hand market.

With our contracts for houses :

  • The compensation is calculated by a certified expert on the basis of the cost of an identical item in a public auction house or the purchase value of an identical item from a dealer. This is called the agreed value.

  • Jewellery less than 2 years old is compensated at its purchase price, upon presentation of the original purchase invoice.

☝️ A few points to note:

  • Your valuables are not covered by the replacement value guarantee. Indeed, this is a category of objects on which the depreciation does not apply in the same way as for others: your painting may increase in value as it ages, whereas your sofa ... no!

  • Valuable items stored in outbuildings are not covered.

  • If you do not have an invoice to prove the value of your goods and their ownership (following an inheritance, a second-hand purchase, etc.), it is up to you to provide us with proof of this value. We therefore advise you to have them appraised.

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