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How to fill in the "Statement of losses" document?
How to fill in the "Statement of losses" document?
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As part of the management of your claim, we will ask you to complete a Statement of Loss so that we can work out the amount of your claim.

This is a table in which you can list your damaged goods and their cost.

This document will be sent to you by your claims handler after your file has been opened.

You can also download it by following this link

What is it for?

This document is a list of your belongings affected by the loss.

It concerns only your movable property:

All the things that are not fixed to the dwelling (those go into the real estate), and that you can move and take with you when you move.

This is the list that your claims handler will use to establish the amount of your compensation, so you should fill it in as accurately and completely as possible.

How do I fill it in?

You should fill in one line for each damaged property.

For sets of similar goods of low value, you can enter a lump sum value

For example: 10 tea towels can be grouped together for a claimed amount of 30€.

For each item, different columns are to be completed 👇

  • Description of the furniture :

In this column, identify the item.

Enter the type of item concerned and the necessary details: make, model ...

  • Date of purchase:

If you know the exact date of purchase of the item, this is best.

If you do not know the exact date of purchase, then this is best.

If you are grouping items together as a package, enter a global estimate for all the items.

  • Purchase amount :

This is the precise purchase amount, as shown on the invoice.

If you do not know the precise amount, do not fill in this column and fill in the column "Amount claimed".

  • Supporting documents :

Enter here the supporting documents you have for this good.

This can be invoices (this is best) or, failing that, sales receipts.

If you do not have proof of purchase, you can present us with any proof of ownership: packaging, instructions for use, certificate of authentication.

And we will always need photos of your goods damaged by water or fire.

  • Amount claimed :

In case you do not have the invoice of the good, and do not remember the exact purchase price, write in this column the estimated amount for the value of your good.

  • ❗ Before adding it to your file, remember to write the date, place, handwrite: "Certifies sincere, true and correct", and sign your document.

Some examples :

  • During my water damage, my sofa, for which I have the bill, was destroyed. I therefore have all the correct information.

  • I also lost some of my books, for which I no longer have an invoice. I therefore group them together and enter a lump sum and an estimated date of purchase.

  • Finally, my carpet, whose value and exact date of purchase I can no longer remember, was also damaged.

So I fill in the following lines:

☝️ You do not need to fill in anything in the "To be completed by the insurer" section.

This is where your manager will indicate:

  • The percentage of depreciation applied to your property

  • The final amount compensated for that property, after the depreciation has been calculated.

  • The total amount (at the bottom), which will correspond to your final compensation.

Once you have validated the calculation of your compensation, it can be paid to you.

To find out more, you can read about all the steps involved in managing a claim in this article.

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