Managing a broken glass
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Is this your first Ice Breaker? We explain it all to you 👌

📸 First: the first steps

My glass breakage concerns a glazing product:

  • Take photos and video of the damage

  • Take the dimensions of the window or window door

  • To avoid exposure to the weather and further damage: take care to temporarily block the damaged opening

  • Get an estimate for the repair of the broken window

If you live in the Paris region, contact theAtelier de Miroiterie Industrielle by e-mailat

If you live elsewhere in France: You can appoint a craftsman of your acquaintance, or Luko can recommend one to you.

My glass breakage concerns a sanitary product:

  • Take photos of the damage

  • Get an estimate for the repair of the damaged part: we can recommend a craftsman

☝️ Attention :

Whatever the type of glass breakage, you will need to send us the repair estimate for your manager to validate it, before undertaking the work.

💻 Next: managing the claim

Here are some details on the glass damage claim management procedure and the steps you can expect:

  1. Start by taking photographs of your broken glass

  2. Report your claim, making sure to send us photos of the damage, the dimensions of the damaged glass and the type of glazing

  3. Call a craftsman (from the Luko network or not) to give you an estimate for repairing the broken glass

  4. Send us the estimate so that your claims handler can examine it.

  5. Once the estimate has been approved by your claims handler, you can start repairing the damaged property.

  • If you choose a craftsman from the Luko network: No costs to advance, you only pay the craftsman the amount of your excess!

  • If you use an external craftsman: you will have to incur the costs and will be compensated (after deducting your deductible) when the work is completed, upon receipt of the repair invoice.

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