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What happens if several insurances can cover my claim?
What happens if several insurances can cover my claim?
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It can sometimes happen that you suffer a loss that can be covered by several insurance contracts.

Some examples:

  • Your child broke his classmate's glasses in class: if your personal liability and school insurance policies are separate, they can both cover this event.

  • Your friend dropped your cell phone: this can potentially be covered by your home insurance, via the Defense and Recourse guarantee, but also by an insurance contract for mobile and multimedia devices if you have one.

👉 In case your claim may be covered by several insurance contracts, you have the obligation to report it to each of the insurers involved, providing the contact details of the other insurer, and the amount insured.

Then, how is it handled?

  • The insurers examine the guarantees of the two contracts covering the event, and for each guarantee, it's the conditions of the contract that is most advantageous for covering you that are applied.

  • The insurers then divide the costs between them.

It is therefore to your advantage to inform us if one of your claims is also covered by another insurer, as we will take this into account to offer you the best possible coverage.

❗On the contrary, if you involve both insurers without notifying them of the double coverage, this constitutes fraud and can lead to various sanctions ranging from the forfeiture of coverage to a fine.

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