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What happens if I'm late to report my claim ?
What happens if I'm late to report my claim ?
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In the event of a claim, your contract mentions the deadlines to declare your claims to us :

  • 2 days for theft and vandalism claims

  • 10 days for natural disasters

  • 5 days for other guarantees

What happens if you do not respect these deadlines?

This can lead to an aggravation of the damage, because the cause of it is not taken care of.

Some examples:

  • If you notice traces of moisture that could indicate a leak, and you do not act, the untreated leak may intensify, and the moisture may deteriorate the walls and paint over a larger area.

    If you report the damage, we will help you to organize a leak search, to treat the leak and its consequences as soon as possible.

  • If a window in your living room is broken and you don't replace it, wind, water and pollution passing through the opening can damage the floor, walls or furniture near the broken tile.
    If you declare your claim, we will be able to manage with you the quick replacement of the glass, so that the broken glass does not lead to further damage

👉 In case your delay in declaring the claim has led to an aggravation of the damage, this may cause a lapse in coverage.

In other words, if you don't deal with the claim and the damage worsens because of it, we will not take the restoration costs.

☝️ That's why at Luko, we allow you to report your claim at any time, from your app 📱

Day or night, it only takes a few minutes to open your file, and we'll get back to you very quickly to help you 🤝

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