What is private Civil Liability ?

Civil Liability (CL) is the obligation you have to repair damages that you caused to others.

Three conditions are necessary for civil liability to work :

  • A damage suffered by an identified third party (we explain below who is considered a third party)

  • A "liability event" caused by you, one of your properties, or one of the beneficiaries of your CL cover

  • A clear link between the damage and the chargeable event.

👉 In short, your civil liability may be incurred if one of the policyholders accidentally causes damage (whether material or physical) to a third party.

Who is insured by your contract?

People with the status of Main Insured:

  • the policyholder (whether he is a tenant, sub-tenant, free occupant, roommate, non-occupying owner or owner)

  • his or her spouse or partner living in the accommodation

  • all people living in the Insured's household

They remain insured, even when they live temporarily away from home for reasons of study, work, travel or health.

Complementary insured people :

  • minor children or children placed under the guardianship of the Insured and / or his cohabiting spouse, minor children of third parties during the time they are in the custody of a main Insured

  • people living temporarily at the Insured's home as part of a student exchange program

  • members of the domestic staff as well as family helpers of a main insured person

  • pets belonging to or entrusted to a main insured person (you can find which animals are covered in your General conditions 📄 )

  • persons who (out of professional activity) assume care of one of the minor children mentioned above, or one of the pets of a main Insured person.

What is a third party?

A third party is any person who is neither a main nor a complementary insured.

☝️ Good to know :

  • As the people insured by your contract are not third parties, we will not be able to cover for damage caused to you by your children, roommates, pets, etc.
    For example: if your child breaks your glasses, if your dog damages your furniture ...

  • The landlords and tenants are not third parties to each other, because they have a contractual link. So, damages caused by the tenant to the owner is not covered by civil liability.
    For example: If as a tenant you break the oven provided by your landlord.

What does the private life liability cover?

There are different categories of liability covered by different types of contracts.

Your home insurance policy covers you for your private life liability.

It insures the damage that you accidentally cause to others, during your activities of daily living.

Some examples :

  • If you accidentally break a friend's phone,

  • If your dog goes to the neighbour to attack his chickens,

  • If your child accidentally scratches the neighbour's car,

  • If a flowerpot falls from your balcony and hurts someone,
    ... all these events are your civil responsibility.

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