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Why doesn't Luko cover certain events in Civil Liability?
Why doesn't Luko cover certain events in Civil Liability?
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Your Luko home insurance contract covers your Civil Liability and your Defense Recourses for your private life, i.e. for the events of your daily life.

Some events and activities are not covered by your civil liability policy, as they are subject to other insurance needs, and covered by other policies.

Events involving a vehicle:

Some vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, scooters, mini scooters ... are subject to an insurance requirement.

This means that in order to drive them, or even just own them, you must have insurance that covers your liability as a driver.

It's the one that will cover you, and/or the drivers named in the contract, for damages you may cause while driving the vehicle.

Some examples:

  • If you damage the gate or wall of a home while entering with your car, your car insurance will have to be involved.

  • If you hit someone while driving your electric scooter, your e-vehicles insurance will come into play.

Events related to your professional activity:

As soon as you find yourself in a situation related to your occupation, any incident will need to be covered by your business insurance, whether or not you are in your workplace.

Some examples covered by your work insurance :

  • If you spill coffee on your office mate's computer.

  • If you accidentally injure someone while visiting a client.

  • If your child breaks your work computer while you are remote working.

Associative life:

Although it is a volunteer activity, your work for a non-profit organization does not fall under your personal liability coverage. It is the insurance of the association to which you belong that covers you during organized activities.

An association must take out civil liability insurance to cover damage caused to a third party (person outside the association) by its employees, volunteers, members and managers.

If the association rents premises and/or owns vehicles, the law also requires it to take out policies against rental risks and automobile accidents.

Some examples:

  • If you give lessons on a voluntary basis and someone is injured during a class

  • If you rent a room for an event of your association, and accidentally break something

...all of this will be covered by your association's insurance.


When you play sports outside a club or competition, you are covered by your personal liability insurance, as long as it is not an extreme or dangerous sport.

For example, if you are playing soccer with friends and accidentally injure someone, this will be covered by your home insurance's civil liability.

On the other hand, for any sport practice in club or competition, it is not covered by your personal liability insurance.

If you are a member of a sports club or federation, whether for lessons or competition, the structure where you are registered must include insurance covering you if you injure another athlete. The contract must be displayed in the organization's premises.

You are not required to purchase personal insurance.

So, if you injure someone during a sports competition or training, it will be covered by your club or federation's insurance.

❗ Please note, there is one exception: in the case of underwater fishing, if you do not have the federation's license, you are required to take out personal liability insurance for the practice of this sport.

What if you injure yourself?

This will not be covered by the club or federation insurance.

To cover this eventuality, you have the option of purchasing personal insurance (personal accident coverage).

☝️ Please note :

This information is valid for adult athletes.

In the case of sports activities practiced by your children, whether at school or in a club, they are covered by your School and Extracurricular insurance.

This includes liability coverage if your child injures a classmate, as well as accident coverage, if he or she is the one injured.

Hunting :

To hunt and validate your hunting license, you must purchase a specific liability insurance policy.

You must have insurance that covers your liability for bodily injury to others caused by any act of hunting.

The insurance must cover damage caused by you and your dogs.

During a hunting inspection, you must be able to present the insurance certificate in addition to the hunting license validation document.

In the event that, for one reason or another, your hunting liability insurance is no longer valid, your hunting license ceases to be valid and is temporarily withdrawn.

☝️ Good to know :

For certain types of damages, it is good to remember that you can benefit from assistance outside your liability insurance contracts.

This is the case, for example, of damage to your dentures and hearing aids, your glasses ...etc, where your health mutual insurance company can intervene to help you replace them.

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