✅ What is covered by Luko when you work from home :

  • Your home and the goods inside

  • Your Civil Liability, in case you cause damages to a third party

  • Your Defence and Recourse, in case you are victim of accidental damages

❓ What if a colleague comes to work at your place ?

  • If he causes you damages, his Civil Liability will cover it.

  • If you cause damages to him, it will be your Civil Liability that will cover it

❌ What is not covered :

  • Professional equipment :

It is not covered by Luko but by your employer’s insurance.

If it is damaged during remote work, it must be reported to your employer, who will take care of the insurance.

  • Your Civil Liability / Defence and Recourse, when you receive clients at home.

In case of an incident with a customer, your professional insurance must cover it.

❗ Good to know :

You are covered in the case you're a salaried employee doing remote work.

But your activities as a self-employed worker are not covered.

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