How does Luko combat fraud?
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Why fight fraud?

  • Because all policyholders are penalised by fraud.

The more fraud there is, the more the cost and number of claims increase, this is called the claims ratio. This influences the amount of contributions: the higher the claims ratio, the higher the contributions.

So fraudulent practices cause additional costs for everyone.

  • Because we prefer to give to associations than to fraudsters.

Thanks to Giveback, the money that is not used in the management of claims is paid to our partner associations. So, the better we can detect false claims, the more money we can donate to the associations.

How do we achieve this?

To strengthen our algorithms and our anti-fraud system, we are in partnership with Shift, the specialist in artificial intelligence in claims management.

This enables us to identify false claims ever more effectively and apply the corresponding penalties.

By uncovering fraudsters, we ensure that your contribution money is always used in the right way 👌

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