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How are repairs carried out in my home?
How are repairs carried out in my home?
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At the time of proceeding with the restoration of your home, you can choose to do the work yourself or have the work done by a craftsman.

⚠️ It is imperative to wait for the agreement of your claims manager before proceeding with the final refurbishment work.

Option 1: Do the work yourself (sandstone compensation)

If it is possible in your case, and you wish, we can set up a sandstone compensation. This means that you can choose to do the work yourself, without going through a company. We will compensate you for the cost of the restoration : including the necessary materials, and of course your working time on the work

Option 2: Have the work done by a craftsman

Two scenarios then arise:

  1. You want to go through a Luko craftsman: If you live in Paris (and surroundings), Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Lille or Nantes, we can program the intervention via our network of craftsmen. For all other cities, we have trusted craftsmen to recommend to you.

  2. You know a trusted craftsman: an expertise is organized (by videoconference or on site) to quantify the damage and the cost of the restoration work. Once the costs have been quantified and validated by your manager, the refurbishment can begin, and you will receive your compensation quickly.

Good to know: compensation is done in two instalments. You will immediately receive 75% of the quantified amount for the work (from which the deductible is deducted), and the remaining 25% upon receipt of the final invoice for the work.

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