Tips for taking the video of your claim
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When you report a claim to Luko, everything happens via the application.

This is the best way to quickly and easily collect the important information needed to manage your claim.

Depending on the type of damage, we can offer you the option of making a video of the damage and the circumstances. Here are some tips for a successful video.

  • Good light: Make sure the room is well lit. If the problem is in your cellar, for example, use your phone's flash or a torch.

  • Start with a wide shot, then get closer to the damage: This will help us to visualise the whole of your disaster.

  • Take the opportunity to describe your disaster and its circumstances out loud.

  • To respect the privacy of everyone, be careful not to film your relatives or other people during the exercise and frame your video properly. Also, whatever the situation, we will never need a video of the damage to your neighbour's house, even if he is affected by the same disaster.

And if you have problems making the video, here are some ideas on how to resolve the situation

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