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How do I sign my contract online?
How do I sign my contract online?
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At Luko, the entire subscription process is done online, from our website.

The contract is signed directly on our secure platform.

In just a few minutes, it's done 👌

Here are the different steps to follow:

1: Click on "Start" at the top right to begin the contract signing process

2: At the bottom of the contract, there is a "Click to sign" box, which will allow you to create your signature. Click on it.

3: This will open a small window, where you can choose your preferred option for signing:

  • "Draw" : to draw your name directly with your mouse, or on the touchpad of your computer

  • "Type" : you can type your name on the keyboard, and choose the style of writing with the small "Change font" button under the signature rectangle

  • "Use a picture of your signature": to add directly the picture of your signature, if you have one ready (you just have to choose the document in the window that opens, click on "Open", and it is done)

Make your choice, add your signature, then click on "Insert" at the bottom right of the window

4: Then click on "Continue" at the top right

5: Last step! Click on "I agree" at the top right

That's it! Your contract with Luko is now signed 🎉

You can now create your personal space.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us in the chat room 😺

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