When you run your simulation, you can choose the date your cover will start.

This happens on the summary page of your offer: just click on the date to choose the day that suits you 👌

If after you've taken out your policy you want to change the start date, this is possible as long as your cover hasn't started.

We tell you how to do it here

☝️A special case:

If you ask us to cancel your old insurance for you, there will be constraints on the choice of date.

Indeed, under the Hamon law, there is a mandatory 30-day notice period to cancel a contract, and we count 4 days of processing time, the time it takes for us to send the registered letter to your former insurer and for him to take note of it.

In this case, the start date of your Luko contract defaults to D+34, and you cannot select an earlier date.

And when we receive the official termination date of your old contract, we adjust the start date of your Luko contract to be the next day, so that everything runs smoothly 👍

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