All you have to do is give us some information and we will take care of the cancellation for you.

Here are the different steps:

1) The cancellation request

When you take out insurance with Luko, you can ask us to cancel your old contract.

When you sign up, select "Yes, cancel my old contract". We will ask you for all the necessary information after signing the Luko contract.

If you have completed your subscription without clicking on "Yes, cancel my old contract", but you would like us to do this, it is still possible, but you must contact us assoon as possible.

2) The cancellation procedure

Once you have provided us with the necessary information, we send your cancellation request to your former insurer by registered letter. You will be able to follow the progress of your cancellation in your personal space, and we will send you emails to keep you informed.

Your insurer will then contact you to let you know when your contract will end.

Good to know: If you did not provide the necessary information when you signed up, you can add it from your personal space.

3) The response from your former insurer

As soon as you receive this reply, you must inform us. This will allow us to update the start date of your Luko policy, so that the two will follow each other without a break in cover.

⚠️ If you have not heard from your previous insurer within 3 weeks of sending the registered letter, you need to call them to find out the status of your application.

☝️ Please note:

  • At each stage, we will contact you by email to inform you of the progress of the procedure, and if any action is required on your part.

  • However, if you have not filled in the necessary information or have filled in incorrect information, Luko will not be able to proceed with the termination or be held responsible for periods of double coverage.

  • In any case, we cannot move back or change the start date of a Luko contract that has already started.

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