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How does it work if an expertise is needed?
How does it work if an expertise is needed?
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After a claim has been reported, the first step is to repair the cause, to make sure that the damage does not get worse.

After that, we systematically carry out an expert assessment to verify the facts and put a figure on the damage repairs.

These assessments are carried out in 3 different ways

1) Remote expertise (or EAD):

This is carried out when it is not necessary to travel and the estimate can be made by video conference with one of our Luko experts.

This is the type of survey that is used first, if possible, as it is the simplest and quickest.

  • Luko will send you an e-mail with a link to make an appointment according to your availability.

  • On the day of the appointment, the assessment is carried out via your smartphone and by video conference.

  • The surveyor delivers his report to your manager within 48 hours.

  • Your manager will calculate the cost of the repairs and assist you with the next steps, in particular: the restoration of your home

2) Assessment on parts (or ESP):

This is a survey without a visit or video conference.

All you have to do is send us all the necessary documents on your damaged property. Your manager will validate the documents, and an expert will evaluate your costing based on them.

At the end of the survey, he will file his report so that your manager can take over.

This assessment may take a little longer, as it takes time for the expert to process all the documents and give us his conclusions.

3) On-site expertise (or ESS):

This is what is set up when it is necessary for one of our experts to travel to establish and quantify the damage.

On-site expertise is particularly recommended for very expensive claims.

  • Luko will send you an email with a link to your availability

  • You are contacted by the surveyor who will arrange a date for his visit with you

  • Following his visit, the expert gives his report to your manager: he judges the repair costs and the truthfulness of the facts declared according to what he has seen on site and the documents you have shared with us.

Once the expert's report has been received, your manager validates the costing of the repairs and assists you with the next steps.

This is the case where the set-up and processing of the expertise is the longest.

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