Heatwave can be dangerous for our health and can also cause some damage at home.

For your peace of mind, Luko has prepared some advice on how to protect yourself and your house during this extreme weather condition.

Things to do before the event to avoid damage:

  • Turn off and avoid using too many electronic appliances that tend to overheat;

  • Close the shutters and leave the windows closed during the hottest hours;

  • Ventilate your accommodation early in the morning and late in the evening;

  • Put damp cloths in front of open windows.

Things to do after the event to report damage:

  • Be careful not to touch any appliances that can be overheated or could cause fire;

  • Do a damage assessment of your house and check the exterior and interior of your house to make sure everything is in order.

☝️ In case of damage:

  • From computer and telephone: read this article for more information.

  • From phone: click here to submit your claim.

Emergency numbers and useful links:

  • The "heat wave info service" telephone platform is open during the summer. Call 0 800 06 66 66 from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

  • For health advice, visit https://sante.gouv.fr/

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