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Weather Alert : Sea Storm
Weather Alert : Sea Storm
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Marine submersions and dangerous coastal events can cause severe and rapid flooding of coastlines, ports and river mouths. They are linked to an extreme rise in sea level due to the combination of several phenomena.

For your peace of mind, Luko has prepared some advice on how to protect yourself and your house during this extreme weather condition.

Things to do before the event to avoid damage:

  • Gather your important documents (identity, health, means of payment ...);

  • Stock up on water and food, in case of confinement;

  • Protect property liable to be submerged or washed away.

Things to do during and after the event to report damage:

  • Install cofferdams, close doors, air vents, ventilation to slow the entry of water and limit the damage;

  • Open all your electrical exits;

  • Turn off the gas and electricity;

  • Take all your valuables and go upstairs to your accommodation;

  • Without instructions from the school, do not go looking for your children;

  • Leave the telephone lines for emergencies.

☝️In case of damage:

  • From computer and telephone: read this article for more information.

  • From phone: click here to submit your claim.

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