How can I make a complaint?

Luko is committed to protecting your home and making your life easier. However, when things don't go as they should, we have taken the following steps to find a solution together:

Step 1: Let us know what's going on by filling out this special Form.

We will acknowledge receipt within 24 hours. Within 5 working days, the most appropriate counsellor will get back to you.

Step 2: If you are still not satisfied with our response or solution, you can contact our complaints department by sending an email or letter to our complaints department at the following postal address.

43 Ohlauer Street, 10999 Berlin

We undertake to acknowledge receipt of your letter or email by email within 24 hours, and then to provide you with a clear and detailed response within 30 days.

Step 3: If no solution has been found after 60 days or if a misunderstanding or disagreement persists, you can turn to the Insurance Ombudsman / BaFin, external and fully independent authorities.

However, if you turn to these mediators before sending your complaint to our complaints department, you risk having your claim rejected by the insurance mediators.

Our advice:

  • Give your Luko contract number

  • If your complaint is about a claim, please state your claim number.

  • Explain the subject of your claim.

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