By subscribing to our Minimum Legal offer, you are covered for all the guarantees made mandatory by French law for your apartment:

The Civil Liability

✅ Covers bodily, material and non-material damage caused to third parties by you or your co-insured

❌ It does not cover damage caused if you are in a motor vehicle, or practicing an extreme sport.

Fire :

✅ Covers you in case of fires, explosions or implosions, lightning fall on your home, fumes coming from your home and impact of a land vehicle with your building

❌ Do not cover for electrical damage.

Water Damage :

✅ Covers you in case of accidental leaks, ruptures or overflows, surplus water discharged due to obstruction or infiltrations through the roofs and the efficiency seals

❌ Does not cover against floods and overflows from bodies of water (it is the "storms and natural disasters" guarantee that works for that)

Storms and Natural Disasters recognized by Government :

✅ Covers you against winds stronger than 100 km/h, hail, snow weight, frost and damage from water action. You will also be covered for demolition costs, wreckage clearance, pumping, disinfection, decontamination and cleaning, architect fees and contributions in case of reconstruction.

❌ Does not cover the furnitures and goods left outside, or your solar panels.

Terrorist attacks :

Are covered all damages resulting from a terrorist attack recognized as such by the State.

A rehousing in case of need :

  • The rehousing service includes 2 nights at the hotel (max 80€/night/person) as well as your relocation costs when your home is uninhabitable

  • This service also puts you in touch with our craftsmen and experts.

Your Criminal Defence and recourse :

✅ The Criminal Defence and Recourse guarantee defends your interests in case of damage to your person or property and in case your Civil Liability is questioned. It covers you for possible legal fees in case of a legal action against you as well as legal fees to defend your interests in case of damage to your person or property.

❌ The following are not covered: disputes arising from intentional misconduct on your part, fines or criminal convictions and other penalties, claims arising from alcohol or drug use

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