An avalanche is a large amount of snow moving quickly down a mountain. It is a big danger in the mountain areas, where the risk of excessive snow and ice is high.

For your peace of mind 😌, Luko has prepared some advice on how to protect yourself and your house during this extreme weather condition.

Things to do before the event to avoid damage:

  • Close and securely fasten doors and windows.
  • Stay in door and do not go to the mountains.
  • Cut electricity and prepare an emergency kit.
  • Prepare to leave the risk area if possible.
  • Follow governmental alerts.

Things to do after the event to report damage:

  • Be careful not to touch any electrical/ telephone cables that have been blown down or are still hanging.
  • Do a damage assessment of your house and check the exterior and interior of your house to make sure everything is in order.
  • Take photos and video of all the damage that took place.

☝️In case of damage:

  • From computer and telephone: read this article for more information.
  • From phone: click here to submit your claim.

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