Of course, we take care of everything! And with pleasure 😌

👉 What do you need to do ?

Subscribe to Luko, of course 😃

  • When you subscribe your contract, we ask if your home is already insured, click on "Yes"
  • On the next page, tell us if your contract is older than a year (to know more about the time needed to cancel your old insurance, it's here )
  • Then, after signature, a form will appear, where you need to enter the information on your old contract (the name of your old insurer, the contract number, the starting date)

That's all for you 👌

👉 What do we do ?

  • We send a registered letter to your old insurer to notify them of the cancellation
  • We keep you posted by email for any update on your cancellation
  • We adapt the starting date of your Luko contract, to make sure it begins just after your old insurance. That way, you're always insured, but you never pay two contracts

See ? Easy as pie 🥧

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