The answers to your recurring questions:

Am I covered by Luko if I work from home ?

✅ Yes, it’s part of your civil liability (or "Responsabilité Civile") guarantee. Your home insurance covers you if you work from home, and Luko can provide you with a telework certificate for your employer.

Do you cover my computer or any other professional equipment when I'm teleworking?

❌ No, the professional equipment is not covered by Luko but by your employer’s insurance. If it is damaged during telework, it must be reported to your employer who will take care of the insurance.

And if I’m freelance, am I covered?

✅ Yes, as a freelancer, you are covered for civil liability, the same as all workers.

❌ However, your professional equipment is not covered by Luko.

And if you have any other questions about teleworking, please feel free to talk to us on the chat.

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