It is possible to insure only your room in the context of a shared accommodation (you need to insure it as a one room flat, and we recommend to take the "Minimum Legal" offer).

However, you will only be partially protected.

👍 What will be covered:

  • Your Civil Liability and "Criminal Defence and Remedies"
  • Fires, Water Damage, Storms and Natural Disasters, Technological Disasters and Terrorism, when it affects your room and the properties in it
  • Emergency rehousing and troubleshooting if the situation of your room requires it

👎 What will not be protected:

  • Any events occurring outside your room. For example: a flood in your living room that damages your computer left on the coffee table
  • Thefts in your room. Indeed, to operate the Theft and Vandalism guarantee, the door of your accommodation (in this case, your room) must be equipped with at least 2 locks or a lock with 2 minimum anchor points. That is very often not the case for a simple bedroom door (this is why we advise you to take the "Minimum Legal offer, that does not include the "Theft guarantee")

To be fully protected, we advise you to consider two other options:

1. Insure the entire accommodation
Most people chose this option. One of the roommates subscribes a home insurance policy and adds the other roommates as beneficiaries on his contract.

To make budget management easier, we advise you to use applications as Tricount 😉

2. Ask the landlord to provide housing
Since the ALUR law of 2014, you can now ask your landlord to insure the accommodation for you. This also facilitates the change of tenant. Note that the insurance rate will be passed on to your rent.

But be aware that your owner is entitled to increase this amount within the limit of 10%.

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