In theory, yes, you can insure only your room at Luko, whether you are renting apartment or house.

How do I insure just a room with Luko ?

You must take out an apartment insurance (even if you are in a house). You register the size of your room and notify that the accommodation has only one room.

We recommend that you to take the Minimum Legal formula because the "Theft" guarantee of the Peace of mind offer may not apply if you only insure your room. Indeed, this guarantee requires that the door has 2 anchoring/ security points. This may not be the case of your bedroom door 🚪

⚠️ But beware, this is not the ideal solution

This solution covers your room and only your room.

For example, if your computer has been stolen from the kitchen, or if there is water damage in the shared bathroom, it will not be covered if no one has taken insurance for the entire accommodation.

At Luko, we recommend that you insure your entire accommodation and add your roommates as beneficiaries to your contract. This way, everyone is well covered in case an issue happens. And you can add/remove roommates at any time.

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