We protect your nest, as well as your data.

What Luko doesn't do with your home data:

❌ Use them to adjust the price of your premiums

❌ Sell them or give them to outsiders for commercial purposes

❌ Link them to your personal address when storing data: if a hacker were to access these data, he would not be able to find you.

What Luko does with your data:

✅ Give you live and immediate access to your consumption, the state of your door...

✅ Develop algorithms to analyze your consumption in order to help you better understand and care for your nest

✅ Develop algorithms to detect abnormalities to prevent damages

✅ Protect your data by coding them through the most secured processes used in defense and banking industry

✅ Modify and delete your data as soon as you ask for it: just send us a mail at dpo@luko.eu

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