If one (or more) of your referred close ones is insured, you both receive a small gift from Luko 🎉

🏠 Home insurance

If the person you have referred subscribes to Luko's home insurance:

  • 10€ offered for him (or 1 free month if the monthly contribution is less than 10€)
  • 1 free month for you, the sponsor, on your home insurance

Special cases:

What if the sponsor has several housing contracts with Luko? 👉 He receives one month free on the first housing contract he signed with Luko.

What if the sponsor does not have a home insurance policy but is a client of one (or more) Non-Occupant Homeowner and/or New Electric Vehicles insurance? 👉 He receives one month free on the first insurance he purchased from Luko.

🔑 Non-Occupant Homeowner Insurance

If your referred friends to Non-Occupant Homeowner Luko's insurance:

  • 1 month offered for him
  • for you, the sponsor: 1 month free on your Non-Occupant Homeowner's insurance

🛴 NIEV Insurance (New Individual Electric Vehicles)

If your referred friends to Luko's NIEV insurance:

  • 4€ offered for him, i.e. 1 month of NIEV insurance with the Minimum Legal Pack
  • for you, the sponsor: 4€ free
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