Indeed, it is! 🚀

And nothing gets simpler:

  1. Fill out your mailing address on our home page, then click on "I insure" (it does not commit you to anything until you reach the signing stage of the contract!)
  2. Answer a few questions about yourself and your accommodation, so that we can calculate the cost of your home insurance in a few seconds.
  3. Choose your coverage (effective date, guarantees, deductible ...) and the persons that you wish will benefit from the insurance in addition to you
  4. Enter your payment information to access your online contract (it still does not engage you! You have not signed yet)
  5. Take the time to read your contract 🤓, then sign it electronically. (this triggers the payment of your first two monthly payments)
  6. And here you are, insured at Luko 👏 All of this in just a few minutes!

You just have to give us your information so that we can terminate the contract with your old insurer (we take care of everything!), and make choose the association you want to support.

You will receive all your contractual documents in your mailbox as soon as your subscription is confirmed. You can also create your personal space as an insured within minutes.

Ahhh, if everything could be so easy! 😇

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