It's very simple 👌

We want to reinvent insurance by putting an end to the conflict of interest that exists in this industry, namely, that there is always a loser and a winner. If a traditional insurer reimburses you for a claim, they lose, and you... win (and vice versa).

That is why requesting reimbursement from a traditional insurer can be a lengthy and tedious process. The goal is to avoid such waste of energy and time. Luko wants to simplify your life by creating a more equitable insurance model that:

  • uses artificial intelligence to prevent disasters

  • adds a social aspect: if the money pooled to reimburse claims is not fully used by the end of the year, it is donated to the association of your choice. Thus, we gain nothing by not reimbursing you. That's the Giveback, by Luko.

In addition, we offer the lowest administrative fees in the home insurance market, thanks to our 100% digital insurance 🤓

If you have any further questions, we are available for a chat, over here at the right 👉

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