What is the merger about ?

Luko is a French insurance company founded in 2018, that pursue the mission of making insurance and home caring simple. We are B-Corp, a certification for business with high transparency, and environmental standards and super proud about it !

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In 2022 Demain ES SAS (Luko’mother holding) acquired Coya, a registered single stock company (AG) in Germany, supervised and regulated by BaFin.

With the merger, Coya AG became part of the Luko group :

  • Your contracts are carried by : Luko Insurance AG (formerly Coya AG),

  • The services that you interact with are provided by : Luko Cover S.A.S. Zweigniederlassung Deutschland (same address), which acts as a managing general agent.

It means that your contracts are still managed from Germany, regulated by the German regulator BaFin. The teams that you will interact with for customer services and claims are located in Germany.

Our goal in this merger is to keep you as well covered as before, and to make your insurance simpler, and more efficient.

Your contract continues with the same guaranties, at the same price.

Some new options and services will be available, the choice to add them, or not, is yours. You can adapt your contract any time in your personal space, or with us on the chat.

And you still can terminate your contract whenever you want via the app our your Luko account on a computer.

What has changed, concretely ?

  • A new company name : Luko

  • A new website for your Luko personal space : You can access it with your Coya credentials (the email and password you used to access to your Coya account).

  • New and better ways to communicate with us : You can contact us via email at kontakt@luko.de, or on our chat every day :

    • During weekdays: from 08:00 to 19:00 ;

    • During weekends and public holidays: from 09:00 to 17:00.

  • A new app to handle your contracts, claims and keep in touch, available in the App Store or Play Store : You can now manage your contracts and modify them yourself directly on the app, in just a few minutes. It’s also in the app that you can declare your claims and follow their progress : you now have access to a dashboard in your app that gives you the status of your claim in real time.

  • More efficient claim process : Claims are now handled within the Luko app from opening to closing, to make it simpler. We run our operations differently, with distinct claims and customer service : it helps claims managers to be more focused on delivering a better and faster claim experience.

  • Your payment date : Insurance coverage periods are now from the 1st of a calendar month to the end of the month, and paid one month in advance. You will be charged :

    • For monthly payers :
      By default, your payment date is on the 8th of the previous month. You can change it in your personal space, and chose between : 2nd, 5th, 8th or 12th.

    • For yearly payers :

      • If you subscribed your contract before February 2022, either the 1st or 25th of the previous month ;

      • If you subscribed after February 2022, the 8th of the previous month.

    You should have received an email to inform you about this change.

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