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The end of our tenant's guarantee
The end of our tenant's guarantee
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After protecting more than 20 000 tenants, our Tenant guarantee has come to an end : we are no longer opening new contracts since July 30, 2022.

☝️ Luko (formerly Unkle) is already your guarantor ?

If you had subscribed your Tenant guarantee before this date, nothing changes for you : tenants who are already insured will remain so until the end of the initial lease contract (with two possible renewals, for furnished leases only). Your landlord is still covered.

Why make this choice?

At Luko, we are committed to providing you with the best possible customer experience and always meeting your needs.

With Tenant Protection, our teams are faced with a significant technological challenge in managing files, and we feel that it is no longer meeting your expectations and is not reaching its full potential.

In order to provide the best possible service, we have decided to focus on our unpaid rent guarantee for landlords. Thus, all our resources are gathered on one task, so that we can reach new heights and protect you even better.

What we offer you now:

If you don't have a guarantor, we can't act as a guarantor for you anymore, but you can suggest to your landlord to subscribe to our Unpaid rent insurance.

This guarantee, subscribed by the landlord, allows him to have the tenants' files validated by our teams, and to be reimbursed in full from the first month of unpaid rent. If your landlord subscribes, your file can be validated without you having a guarantor, provided that you meet our eligibility criteria. This will reassure your landlord and increase your chances of obtaining the home of your dreams.

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