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Pet health premium changes
Pet health premium changes
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When will my Pet health contract premium change?

The change of your price is valid from the next monthly premium.

Why is my premium increase is higher than 7%?

The adjustment of your premium by 7% refers exclusively to the age of your furry friend.

According to §8.3, we are permitted to apply a higher increase if our expenses are higher than our premium income.

Is this increase justified?

Yes, since we informed you about the insurance conditions when you signed the contract, we are authorized to apply such an increase according to §8.3, which is why we have adjusted all premiums for the pet health insurance.

Your premium for a new contract would be even higher.

Why is your price evolving ?

The quality of medical services are increasing as well as health care costs.

To guarantee you the best insurance coverage in the future, we check the ratio of premium income and benefit expenses once a year.

We found that expenses have been increasing significantly, therefore recalculation is necessary in order to continue to offer you and your furry friend the best possible coverage.

Where can I find my new price?

You can find you new premium within your email “Your premium is changing” and in the amend to your contract that you can find in your personal space or in the contact tab in-app.

Where can I find information about premium adjustments? A premium adjustment is contractually agreed within the T&Cs of your contract. You can find this information under §8.1 and §8.3 of your insurance conditions

Have any questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us through the chat, we will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Thank you again for your trust, we are very proud to stand with you and your pet and to build the insurance of tomorrow together.

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