With Coya and Luko merging, you must have received an email to inform you about some change on our payment model which you accepted. Let’s explain it here.

What will change?

  • Before Luko, you paid your insurance on a specific date, your coverage start day at Coya.

  • From now on you will always pay on the 8th of a calendar month for the next full calendar month.

Let’s take an example :

  • If we used to debit your account on the 21st of January. You paid the coverage from January 21 to February 20. You still need to be covered for the February 21 to February 28.

  • With Luko, each 8th of each month, you will pay for the next calendar month. So on February 8th, you will pay for March.

  • This is why Luko charged you for the whole month of March, plus the 8 days from February 21 to February 28.

Hope these explanations will help. Otherwise, we will be happy to send you a detailed calculation of your premiums upon request!

To manage your payments, everything happens in your personal space or in our mobile application : you can view and download your invoices, and modify your payment methods.

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