You keep the same contract & risk coverage with the same price - the rebranding and cooperation between Coya and Luko has no impact on that. However, your insurance period will change and will run from the 1st of a calendar month to the end of the month.

We will book the premiums for the next calendar month always:

  • on the 8th of the previous month (for monthly payers),

  • the 28th of a previous month (for yearly payers), or

  • on an individual day agreed with Coya.

For more information on the usual payment process for monthly payers, read this article.

If you agreed to Coya’s emails announcing the changes and you are a monthly payer, we will book a (pro rata) payment in the next days to cover you until the end of February (i.e. a payment for the days which you have not yet paid).

On the next 8th of the month (i.e. 8 February), we will debit your account for March (full calendar month).

Congratulations, you are then on the new payment model and benefit from even fast payment processes!

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