Concretely, here is the fusion of Luko and Coya is going on :

  • Coya AG which is a registered single stock company (AG) in Germany is supervised and regulated by BaFin. It will remain as the underlying company providing your insurance.

  • As part of the merger, Coya AG will become part of the Luko group and many of the services that you interact with will be managed (by agreement) by Luko (Luko Cover SAS Zweigniederlassung Deutschland.

  • Your insurance and coverages have not changed. Only the payment date has changed to the 8th. You will receive a dedicated email about this.

Also as, insurance is about peer-to-peer pooling. You can ask yourself "Does the merger of Luko and Coya mean that my risk will be mutualised with French insurers?"

Coya AG will remain the insurance carrier. So the risk will not be mutualised with the French Luko contracts.

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