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First, the term "E-Bike" only covers bicycles with electronic pedal assistance up to a maximum speed of 25 km/h, for which no insurance obligation exists.

What kind of bikes cannot be covered?

  1. E-bikes that are used for professional or commercial purposes (e.g. bicycle messenger, delivery service)

  2. self-built, velomobile, and fully-faired E-Bikes,

  3. E-Bikes for which insurance or a driver’s licence is compulsory,

  4. E-Bikes incl. lock with a dealer selling price/insurance value exceeding 10,000 € (incl. value-added tax),

  5. E-Bikes that are older than 12 months when the contract is concluded (calculated from the time of purchase of the brand-new bike by the first owner)

Also, keep in mind that your contract ends automatically at the end of the month in which your E-Bike turns 5 years old. Remember that your bike must be new. Luko currently only insure bikes that are not older than 1 year at the time of purchase.

What is insured in my E-bike Theft Insurance?

Your E-Bike and the parts that are firmly connected to the E-Bike and are part of its function, such as the battery, saddle, handlebars, lamps are insured.

You can also protect the bicycle lock used if you specify its purchase price in the sum to be insured.

What risks is my E-Bike insured against?

✔ theft (also from locked motor vehicles or bicycle carriers)

✔ burglary

✔ robbery

✔ theft of parts including the battery

✔ vandalism

Where is my E-Bike insured?

The insurance coverage is valid in Germany as well as for temporary trips worldwide.

Do you need a serial number ?

Yes, we will need a serial or frame number serves as a unique identification of your E-Bike. Luko and the police need this number in case it was stolen. You may find the number in your Luko dashboard and can access it at any time in case a police report or claim must be filed.

Is there a deductible?

With the Luko e-bike insurance we waive the excess. This means that in the event of an insured claim, we cover the entire damage (up to the agreed insured sum).

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