What is covered?

Medication costs

For insured events, we will reimburse the eligible expenses up to 3 times the rate of the German "Gebührenordnung" for vets (GOT). This also applies to necessary medication as a result of illness or an accident within the scope of the respective valid benefit limitations.

Diagnostic costs

Luko also covers the costs necessary to determine the presence of a disease, such as :

  • X-rays

  • ECGs

  • Endoscopic or microbiological examinations (such as blood, tissue and stool samples)

The examinations must be part of the necessary treatment and recovery of the insured pet.

With the premium coverage, Luko even covers the costs for special diagnostics such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) or Computed Tomography (CT).

Vaccination neutering/sterilization and worming

Costs for e.g. vaccinations, worming or castration/sterilization are foreseeable and non-mediically necessary costs. Nevertheless, these costs are covered by us within the care bonus and in the maximum amount of €100.

However, an indemnity payment will only be made after 12 months of contract at the earliest.

If you have chosen the premium coverage including the add-on "veterinary costs", you will receive this bonus of 100€ once a year for all preventive examinations.

If you have chosen the basic protection, you will receive the bonus once after 12 months of contract duration - of course only if you hand in corresponding invoices.

Chronic diseases

Luko also covers the costs of chronic diseases as long as they occur during the contract period.

Excluded are the diseases listed under point 3 of the insurance conditions, such as :

  • Wobbler's syndrome

  • Hydrocephalus, etc.

If your pet has a chronic disease prior to the conclusion of the contract, you can still take out the insurance with Luko. However, we cannot cover any costs arising from this illness during the policy period.

Also, have a closer look at the amounts that are covered - especially for the first and second year of insurance.

Does Luko also insure against diseases typical of the breed?

Luko does not explicitly exclude diseases that occur more frequently in some dog breeds, as it cannot be said that these dog breeds, such as the German shepherd dog and hip dysplasia, will suffer from this disease 100% of the time.

If any of the following diseases, conformation anomalies, congenital and/or hereditary diseases and their consequences have occurred prior to the commencement of the insurance or have been diagnosed during the policy period, the insurance cover and the assumption of costs for treatment at Luko is excluded:

  • Wobbler syndrome (cervical spondylosis)

  • Rejection of the bone with the overlying cartilage (Osteochondrosis dissecans (OCD); (Insurance coverexists, however, for the treatment of OCD in the elbow joint (ED)

  • Growth disorder of the forearm (radius curvus)

  • Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA)

  • Reduced eye size (microphthalmos)

  • Brachycephaly/Brachycephalic syndrome (and all associated disorders and diseases, e.g. too long a stature)

  • diseases, e.g. too long soft palate, too large palpebral fissure)

  • Hydrocephalus

  • Anomaly of the posterior cranial region (Chiari malformation)

  • Patellar luxation (patella jumps out of alignment)

  • Positional anomaly of the testis (cryptorchidism)

  • Dilatation of the oesophagus (megaoesophagus)

  • Connection of artery and pulmonary artery (persistent ductus arteriosus (PDA))

  • Narrowing of the pulmonary artery (pulmonary stenosis)

  • Disturbance of the blood supply to the liver (liver shunt)

  • Ureteral malformation (ectopic ureter)

  • Nictitating gland prolapse

  • Malformation of the anus (atresia ani)

  • Hernias (umbilical, inguinal, diaphragmatic hernia)

  • Wolf claws

Limits of the contract

We apply the following benefit limits per insurance year/policy term for both basic and premium coverage:

  • Up to 12 months contract period we cover max. €1.000 (for all surgeries or treatments together)

  • Up to 24 months max. €2.000 (for all operations or treatments together)

  • Up to 24th month max. €20.000 € (per claim).

Finalaly, once your pet is insured with us, it remains insured for the time being. The insurance coverage does not end at a certain age.

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