How is a claim handled?
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In the event of a claim, the first thing to do is to report your claim via the application. Read this article to find out how.

After you have reported your claim, here is what will happen:

1. Taking precautionary measures

The first step is always to ensure that the damage does not get worse.

This often means finding and controlling the source of the damage, or temporarily consolidating the damaged area, so that further damage does not occur. For example, if you have a water leak but do not know where it is coming from, turn off the main water supply.

2. The first contact with your claims handler

Once your claim has been declared, you will be contacted within 24 hours by an adviser, who will inform you about the first actions to be taken and the documents to be gathered to compile your file (if you declare your claim during the weekend, you will be contacted on Monday).

Your claims handler will keep you informed of the steps to be taken throughout the process. You can also make a telephone appointment with him/her to discuss the situation in person.

3. Repairs to your home

Once your file has been processed and the housing situation has been stabilised (for example, in the case of water damage, once the walls are dry), we proceed with the repairs. Read this article to find out about the different options for repairing your home.

📞 In the event of an emergency or if your home is no longer habitable, contact our 24-hour assistance service.

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