What is self-sponsorship?
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At Luko, you can self-sponsor to get a discount on the subscription of your new contracts πŸ‘

How do to it ?

When you subscribe to your new contract(s), you just have to put the same personal information, to manage all your contracts from the same personal space.

❗ But this is not enough for self-sponsorship to happen.

For that, when you get to the payment page for your new contract, simply enter your email address as the promo code, below your payment information, and it will be done automatically πŸ‘Œ

What's in it for you?

Self-sponsorship works if you are already insured with Luko for:

  • Your primary residence (multi-risks policy, or MRH) ;

  • Your secondary residence ;

  • Your rented home (non-occupant owner, or PNO insurance) ;

  • Your loan insurance.

You can self-sponsor if you subscribe a new contract among any of the policies listed above.

You will then get 30€ free πŸŽ‰

The 30€ will be applied in one or two parts:

  • The amount of one month of insurance will be deducted from the subscription payment of the new contract.

  • If the monthly price is less than 30€, the rest of the amount will be credited to a pot, and deducted from your next bills.

Some examples:

  • If you have a contract for your main residence and subscribe to a new contract for your secondary residence, at 15€ per month:

    • When you sign up for the new contract, you will pay one month instead of two (so 15€ instead of 30€)

    • The remaining 15€ of discount will be credited to your pot and deducted from your next bill.

  • If you have a non-occupant owner contract and subscribe an insurance contract for your main residence at 30€ per month:

    • You will only pay one month instead of two (so 30€ instead of 60€) when you sign the new contract.

☝️ Please note:

  • It is not possible to self-sponsor if you have or subscribe a contract for NVEI (electric vehicles).

  • The only condition for self-sponsorship to be valid is that you do not cancel any of your contracts within 12 months. If you do, the self-referral will be invalidated, and we will have to charge you the 30€ discount.

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