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The termination of your old insurance
How long does it take to cancel my old insurance ?
How long does it take to cancel my old insurance ?
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For you ? Five minutes, top.

All you have to do is subscribe your Luko contract, and we will take care of canceling your old contract for you.

How long does it take ?

If your contract is older than one year:

It takes 34 days

  • 30 days of notice period

  • 4 days for us to deal with your old insurer

Indeed, a law called the “Hamon law” was passed in 2015: so you can now easily terminate your contract once the first year has been completed.

There are 30 days of

Do not worry, your old insurer has a legal obligation to refund the pro rata of your contribution - even if you paid for 12 months.

So once they register your cancellation, they will reimburse you any money you overpaid, it's the law 🔖

If your contract was signed since less than a year:

In this case, you will need a little patience ... You are legally bound to your insurance contract for the first year

Come back to us a little before the anniversary date of your contract and we will take care of everything 👌

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