Where did Luko come from?

Our story starts... with a blunder !

In 2016, Benoît, our co-founder, is a researcher in Montreal. One morning, as he left his flat to go to work, he forgets to turn off his heating plates. A few hours later, when his roommate returns, the all apartment is smoky and close to catch fire.

Convinced that smart protective devices could have prevented this glitch, he decided with the help of Raphael to found Luko and to start producing connected technologies.

A first entry into the insurance world

Originally, Luko offered the current Luko Elec technologies to big insurance companies so that they could equip their customers, and offer a better protection. But Benoît and Raphaël quickly found themselves confronted with the heaviness and slowness of this world. Exchanges and negotiations took way too much time. And all the policy holders no longer trusted their insurance, at least not enough to install their prevention technologies.

A decisive change of course

Benoit and Raphaël quickly came to the conclusion: if they really wanted to protect European homes, they would also have to reinvent home insurance, and bring it back to its first mission: the service of its beneficiaries.

This is how Luko’s insurance was born, in May 2018, with the same ambition: to protect homes 🏡

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