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At Luko, we want to offer a transparent and simple home insurance that really protects you:

  • Transparent because you know where your money goes

  • Simple because we make the home insurance application process easier, without any difficulty to understand your coverage

  • A real protection : We are there in case of problems (to send you a craftsman, to reimburse you, etc.), but we are also present to assist you proactively. To do this, we design intelligent sensors (water, electricity, door) that allow you to anticipate disasters and protect yourself.

In addition, we reimburse you better 💪 We have the lowest administrative fees in the home insurance market: set at 30% of your contribution. The remaining 70% are shared between you and our policyholders, so that we can reimburse you quickly and efficiently, if need be.

💙 If this money is not used, we return it to you in the form of a Giveback, which means that it will be donated to the association of your choice. Luko will never use the unused contributions.

Our ambition is to shake up the status quo of the insurance market and establish a real relationship of trust with our policyholders. And that is why we choose transparency and prevention above all.

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