Within the Peace of Mind offer, you have the complete package of Luko's guarantees: all the "Minimum Legal" guarantees, and four other to cover your house in all circumstances.

The mandatory guarantees of the Minimum Legal Offer :

  • Civil liability (If you cause injuries to another person or damage their goods)

  • Fire

  • Water damages

  • Storm and natural disasters

  • Technological disasters and terrorism

  • Relocation and emergency repair

  • Criminal Defence and recourse

And four additional guarantees to give you peace of mind 🧘

1) Theft and vandalism

✅ You are covered for break-in, lock breaking, intrusion with violence

❌ You are not covered for thefts that are committed using your keys left on the door, under the doormat, etc. or for those involving cash that you keep at home.

❗️Note that to be covered by this guarantee, your doors to the outside must be locked with at least 2 anchor points (that means: 2 locks or a multipoint lock).

Send us a picture on the chat if you have any doubt 📸

2) Glass breaking

What is covered :

  • windows and panes

  • doors and French windows

  • inside partitions and separation partitions between balconies

  • bay windows

  • transparent plastic products

  • faience in bathrooms (bathtubs, shower basins, sinks, toilet bowls)

✅ The replacement and the additional costs of installation, temporary sealing and guarding of your doors, bay windows, etc., are covered.

❌ Personal injuries and property damage caused by the fall of debris, or damage occurring during works on your home shall not be covered.

3) Emergency locksmith service

✅ You are covered for theft and loss of keys. We send you a certified locksmith and take care of the troubleshooting fees, up to 250€.

❌ This warranty does not work in case of slammed door, key break or if there is a defect of maintenance of the lock

4) Electrical Damage

✅ Your electrical appliances are covered in the event of an electrical accident: the fall of lightning and the influence of electricity (for example: overvoltage).

❌ Are not covered: damage to appliances over 10 years old, damage due to wear or any mechanical accident, contents of your freezer and refrigerator

👉 If you have any questions regarding these guaranties, do not hesitate to come talk to us on the chat, we will be happy to answer 😺

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