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Is Civil Liability included in my home insurance?
Is Civil Liability included in my home insurance?
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Yes, civil liability is mandatory in all multi-risk home insurance contracts in France ✅

What is covered by your civil liability guaranty ?

  • If you hurt someone in your home or outside

  • If you accidentally damage someone else's belongings

  • If someone covered by your insurance contract (human or pet) causes damage to someone else, or their belongings

This guaranty will also cover the possible costs of a lawyer if you have to defend yourself in court, as well as the damages that you are held responsible for.

Who is covered by civil liability?

All beneficiaries of your contract are covered by civil liability :

  • your children

  • your roommates

  • your spouse

You can add them to your contract in your personal space, and download their home insurance certificate immediately 👌

☝️ This document is the same as your civil liability certificate, because it is automatically included.

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